Just Karma 119 (f10) for June 2016 wp

Just Karma 119
frog adventures 10
(a haibun)

on the short hop to the quick-mart, in a drain covert,
kaeru finds an empty sea snail shell…with rain forecast
she looks for a different way to accumulate steps

so in the morning before the sky falls…she finds
an access from a parking lot to a neighborhood road;
a dog in a house barks knowing a stranger hops by

still needing more steps the ‘stay fit frog’ hops a mile on the
hotel gym’s treadmill and may have to do another…instead kaeru
hops the halls to the conference centers and back a few times

kaeru, finds a path
that is a safer route to
the convenience store

kearu made her goal plus a little 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Just Karma 119 (f10) for June 2016 wp

    • Sun screen? Packaged delicacies? After all one small frog it’s a tad hard to fit behind the wheel of a large rental car 😉

      Some animals try to cross busy roads and well they just don’t make it …besides some of those squished or sun baked spring caterpillars there was a turtle that well became a sail-turtle (flattened by road ‘hogs’) that was less than a pretty sight! And kaeru would rather be able to stay in one piece to hop on home in a few days 🙂

  1. the hippity hoppity adventures continue …. glad that it’s going well – safer at least – and I hope that just means an easier route with less traffic etc. – and yay to you for getting in your hops plus a bit more – creative thinking!


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