Just Karma 118 (f9) for June 2016 wp

Just Karma 118
frog adventures 9
(a haibun)

not playing any sports today
the ‘keep fit frog’ passes the Home Plate
Bar and Grill; without scoring…a meal

the goal was to make it to the dam
and back of course with some photo op stops;
flowers, pond, lake, river, lily pads in bloom…

crickets encouraged her with song,
and four more caterpillars were rescued
from sidewalks and streets
kaeru, stops at lake
Sabbatia and the mouth
of the Mill River


kaeru = in Japanese means both frog and returning.
‘Keep fit frog’ with thanks (from a comment by my friend) @

Enlarge the map as much as you can see the BM 27.5 second row, center – I walked from about there (straight down that main road) to where the lake meets the Mill River (and back about 5.5 miles, over 13,000 steps [or hops ;)]

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