Just Karma 116 (f7) for June 2016 wp

Just Karma 116
frog adventures 7
(a haibun)

when one is low to the ground –
or at least observant to it…One spots
the insects attempting to cross the road

kaeru reminds the beetle that in the
heat of the day – it is not the best time
To attempt to cross the tarmac

as if the stray caterpillar were an elder, kaeru
gently lifts it from the concrete step and
hops with it to the green space…

kaeru, is startled
a tuffet she is not; she
jumps as spider lands


kaeru = in Japanese means both frog and returning.
http://www.findaspider.org.au/find/spiders/436.htm a possible suspect

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9 thoughts on “Just Karma 116 (f7) for June 2016 wp

  1. Well was this your good deed for the day? 😉

    hope you didn’t get bitten by the spider!

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