Just Karma 113 (f4) for June 2016

Just Karma 113
frog adventures 4
(a haibun)

on Mondays early in the morning
traffic is heavy – and yet
kaeru ventured forth, and back

noticing new plants, insects and keeping
well away from the poison ivy growing
amid the flowering wild strawberry

within the hour out and about – before the
heat of the day rises… kaeru hopped more than
half of her ten thousand paces
kaeru meets up with
caterpillar, dragonfly,
and a morning moth


kaeru = in Japanese means both frog and returning.

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13 thoughts on “Just Karma 113 (f4) for June 2016

  1. good thing you side stepped the poison ivy! But of course, usually, the antidote grows nearby – still, no need to take undue chances and spoil a time away and about 🙂

    • Really…what else besides over the counter cream and pills?
      Actually took some…with me. Hubby wanted to take care of some in our gully…
      I can always be so careful. Black-nightshade doesn’t like me either.
      Though I can eat tomatoes – and they are all related.

      • apparently, in most “natural” places, the antidotes to most poisonous plants grow not too far from where the toxic plants grow – and at the moment, I can’t remember the plants that are supposed to combat the poison ivy. Of course, in a pinch, something is better than nothing, but unless one happens to be carrying the necessary stuff, then sometimes, it’s good to know. But best to be prepared, although sometimes it’s just not possible.


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