Just Karma 110 (k1) for June 2016 wp

Just Karma 110
frog adventures 1
(a haibun)

Something to look forward to
The space in the one hundred year floodplain
Will be planted with oats and wild flowers…

The other morning Little Miss and I
Watched some machinery flatten the grass
And grind the shafts too in preparation for seeding

Quite a bit can happen between visits –
Hopefully enough rain will fall to aide their growth
And attract multitudes of butterflies and bees
kaeru looks at the
meadow; how different will
it look in two weeks?


kaeru = in Japanese means both frog and returning.

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5 thoughts on “Just Karma 110 (k1) for June 2016 wp

  1. the true beauty will come to pass within the next few years – then … then the rewards of the wildflower seeding will be wonderful …. in the meantime, it will just slowly take root and produce oddly here and there, the annuals in the mix really being the showcase … still, it’s a great use of space 🙂

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