Just Karma 108 for June 2016 wp

Just Karma 108
winging it
(a haibun)

I check on Mother Robin sometimes she is facing me –
ever protective, yet curious that I visit several times a day,
keeping my distance to her humble abode
tucked in the hedge…perhaps next week she’ll be busy
feeding those soon to hatch chicks.

the goslings have changed from little balls of walking fur to
feathered companions to their parents… usually I see them
early In the morning or sometimes at dusk, I can only guess
at where they wander during the heat of the day – perhaps
safely tucked in some of the tall grasses in the meadow?

so close my steps are
yet so very, very far
from my feathered friends


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2 thoughts on “Just Karma 108 for June 2016 wp

  1. always a pleasure of the most generous soul food when one can observe, safely and respectfully, and watch life unfold in its inherent beauty 🙂

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