Just Karma 103 for May 2016 wp

Just Karma 103
Shell on Tar Beach

Catbird lost an egg, a gift on my drive
Little Miss and I found while watering my
container gardens.

Size between the robin and bluebirds
eggs – a dark green blue color. Really hard
to tell by looking at posters on the net.

Another shell to wash and rinse and fill
With glue for Son of Son – to add to the
other two…natural wonders.

Though the egg might also have be
another robin’s egg…for in the hedge row
Robin mother bird sat when I went looking…

Only to scold me for getting too close!
I peeked in the nest that she briefly left –
To draw me away, to see three blue eggs.



Gray Catbird

When on the second link drag (right side)the nest and
egg image sidebar all the way down to see the best
image of what I found.
I know I have seen Catbirds at my bird feeder.

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    • 🙂 They’re stuck with those nick-names now. One day I’ll have to put booklets together of all the verse I’ve written for them …to give to them. 😉

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