Just Karma 98 for May 2016 wp

Just Karma 98
Lesson Learned?

Wheeling and dealing for the lowest prices
For whatever can offer one’s budget slices…

At the hotel desk (overheard) as much courtesy
as could be was given and extended –
But to add free breakfast too? Really?

When you book online through discount sites
Don’t expect the full list of amenities that others
Who book direct to the front desk get.

Including the ability to cancel, get full refunds if any –
Basically show some respect to where you’ve booked…

Don’t be a nag, and complain when you get the inside room
without a view, near the elevator or ice machine…because
All you wanted was a cheap place to sleep.


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2 thoughts on “Just Karma 98 for May 2016 wp

    • I was…sort of, and our room, even with all the traveling my husband does and his elite status cost more than that gent who was complaining. And yes we did get ‘free’ breakfast.


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