Just Karma 96 for May 2016 wp

Just Karma 96
Unidentified Fungus

we finally get some sun, 
get to go to the park, and out of
the mulch several large blooming
mushrooms with gills that must have
I remove them from the play area and
tell my Little Miss that some growing
wild things…….. []……. are not toys

Better to keep curious children safe


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5 thoughts on “Just Karma 96 for May 2016 wp

  1. Best the little ones don’t touch it if they don’t know what it is. My grandson has a camera and takes pictures of things he wants to show us. They are not always very good but at least he doesn’t touch them .

  2. indeed – little hands can move with lightning speed and even residue from certain plants or fungi can prove to be nasty

    • I tried to ID what I saw. Most sites just say if you don’t know what it is…don’t eat it! I used a stick to move the park mushrooms. I put on a plastic glove to remove the false morel I found in my yard.

      • I never got into the ID process myself. I’ll stick to what I can get in the grocery store – but it is interesting to come across mushrooms growing in all kinds of places – they are fascinating to study. But better to be safe than sorry!


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