Just Karma 85 for May 2016 wp

Just Karma 85
Some Array
(Collom Lune series)

Breakfast, errands about
Before a quiet day begins;
Taking it slow

Trading daffodil bulbs
For mushrooms and sesame seeds
A pleasant evening

Transition into night
Headache increases with weather change
Retire to rest

Midnight tolls and
Ghosts demand attention; “Look. Now!”
She actively screams

After due diligence
Putting the beast to bed…
The nightmares return

Guessing games taunt;
Surprises are not always good
Rattling one’s marrow

How responsible can
One be for another’s choices;
Divided by distance?


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6 thoughts on “Just Karma 85 for May 2016 wp

  1. I hope that you are feeling better now (unless the headache was added for poetic effect) …. and how nasty the nightmare ghouls can be ….. perhaps batting at them with a pair of fuzzy pink slippers might help? (if only it were that easy!)

    Funny thing I’ve noticed personally, when one is the most committed to standing one’s ground, the nightmares and the nasties seem to intense and try to ramp up the head games and consequent head aches.

    hope the day unfolds better 🙂

    • After a service house call, BIL dropping off goods, and lunch, Little Miss and I went to the park and the library. Just got in. Unfortunately the headache was real enough. And the nightmares the stuff of grizzly CSI shows!

      I sent you some info separately. I have drawn my line in the sand and will go no further. I’ll either get to the bottom of the well with or alone and rise up with or alone. Crazy just how annoying some people can be wanting to take the cake and eat it too.

      • “ugh” to the annoyance factor, clearly …. and as long as the headache has now passed …. so, maybe you’ll get a chance to nap when Little Miss does? Might give you an opportunity to relax a bit and help ease the stress of a bad night sleep.


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