A-Z for April 2016 Y wp

Unofficial A-Z challenge 2016
(On Sundays – still using Kipfer’s book for inspiration for Instant or Just Karma)

“Now is the Time : 170 Ways to Seize the Moment”
By Patrick Lindsay
Now is the time …: To nurture your creativity.

“Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.”
Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky (né Alexeyev);(1863-1938)
He was born Konstantin Sergeyevich Alexeyev—”Stanislavsky” was a stage
name that he adopted in 1884 in order to keep his performance activities
secret from his parents.

High Strung?

The yo-yo
See the art
Of its graceful string

The Cats’
Cradle bring your
Hands closer to mine…

It matter
Now really that
Mama’s apron strings are

Elfje series

(With quotes by famous folks
Whose last names start with the alphabet
Or at least have those ‘tricky letters’ –
U, Q, X & Y in them)

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7 thoughts on “A-Z for April 2016 Y wp

  1. 🙂 I particularly like the first 2 stanzas … really cool – and of course, they relate to the ending the play works well all through the piece etc. ending with an interesting question, as such. Wonderful A-Zing.


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