A-Z for April 2016 X wp

Unofficial A-Z challenge 2016
(On Sundays – still using Kipfer’s book for inspiration for Instant or Just Karma)

“Now is the Time : 170 Ways to Seize the Moment”
By Patrick Lindsay
Now is the time …: To try Kindness.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
~Philo of Alexandria (20 Before the Common Era – 50 Common Era)

Yedidia (Jedediah) HaCohen…also called Philo Judaeus, was a Hellenistic
Jewish philosopher who lived in Alexandria, in the Roman province of Egypt.
Philo used philosophical allegory to attempt to fuse and harmonize
Greek philosophy with Jewish philosophy.

Be Pre-’Pair’ed/ Give E’xx’tra

Double positive;
Creating sincere concern
Bespeaks mutual understanding of

Even for a single smile, stress effort twice

bitter battles bake the
heart rock solid –
Duplicately deliver

(Elfje and Reverse Elfje mirror a single conscious thought)

(With quotes by famous folks
Whose last names start with the alphabet
Or at least have those ‘tricky letters’ –
U, Q, X & Y in them)

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4 thoughts on “A-Z for April 2016 X wp

  1. 🙂

    Phew! Wow! this is a bit of a tongue twister and a mind bender – but you’ve totally carried this off – with elegance and grace – and the sentiments are well versed …. great job Jules!


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