A-Z for April 2016 U wp

Unofficial A-Z challenge 2016
(On Sundays – still using Kipfer’s book for inspiration for Instant or Just Karma)

“Now is the Time : 170 Ways to Seize the Moment”
By Patrick Lindsay
Now is the time …: to unleash your imagination.

“The fairest souls are those that have the most variety and adaptability.”
~ Michel de Montaigne (1533-1572)
He is most famously known for his skeptical remark, “Que sçay-je?” (“What do I know?”, in
Middle French; now rendered as Que sais-je? in modern French). Remarkably modern even
to readers today, Montaigne’s attempt to examine the world through the lens of the only thing
he can depend on implicitly—his own judgment—makes him more accessible to modern
readers than any other author of the Renaissance. Much of modern literary nonfiction has
found inspiration in Montaigne and writers of all kinds continue to read him for his masterful
balance of intellectual knowledge and personal storytelling.


Underneath our skins
Unique abilities
Underline individual capabilities
Umpteen possibilities can
Unfold as we apply our own
Understanding of what we can achieve
Unites every being that can think…but

“Que sais-je?”

©JP/dh 4.25.16
Unconscious streaming?

(With quotes by famous folks
Whose last names start with the alphabet
Or at least have those ‘tricky letters’ –
U, Q, X & Y in them)

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3 thoughts on “A-Z for April 2016 U wp

  1. 🙂

    Unlimited possibilities unfold, if we can step back allow, let go …. or gently guide the goals towards a path that is reflective of the dream – but ultimately, it is wise to remember, “what do I know?” – for it we believe we have the answers, we are a foregone conclusion, lost.


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