A-Z for April 2016 O wp

Unofficial A-Z challenge 2016
(On Sundays – still using Kipfer’s book for inspiration for Instant or Just Karma)

“Now is the Time : 170 Ways to Seize the Moment”
By Patrick Lindsay
Now is the time …: to go organic.

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”
David Orr (1944 – )

Help Find Order in Natural Chaos

On the shelf in the stores
We get to choose to pay now or later…

Some of us can grow our own but most of us must
Harvest our supplies from others production.

Be it animal, vegetable or mineral, one can make smart choices, we
Can live comfortably within our means…learn to renew and recycle

Start with simple steps, drink more water,
Use cloth shopping bags, eat more fruit

Respect how things are made – while appreciating advances.
There is a place for all peoples, things and science.

(free verse)

(With quotes by famous folks
Whose last names start with the alphabet
Or at least have those ‘tricky letters’ –
U, Q, X & Y in them)

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