A-Z for April 2016 C wp

Unofficial A-Z challenge 2016
(On Sundays – still using Kipfer’s book for inspiration for Instant or Just Karma)

“Now is the Time : 170 Ways to Seize the Moment”
By Patrick Lindsay
Now is the time …: to persevere

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key
to unlocking our potential.” Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)
Now is the time …: to persevere


I, with compassion will
win, grin
triumphantly over blue depths


(tau ku line/syllable: 1/6,2/2,3/8)

(With quotes by famous folks
Whose last names start with the alphabet
Or at least have those ‘tricky letters’ –
U, Q, X & Y in them)

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16 thoughts on “A-Z for April 2016 C wp

  1. self- kindness is often a gift we overlook 😉

    and curious? why the title “empathetic” – and yeah, I know the definition, but am curious as to if there was any particular reason for choosing this word …. inquiring minds want to know, but are content with no answers too 😉

    • I like to use different words as titles and not repeat one that is in the piece. In looking up compassion in the Thesaurus; empathy is listed.
      Are folks with empathy happy people? One would like to think so.

      • Then I would suggest to you to really search for the meaning empathy …. and empathetic …. because many people who are empaths are anything but “happy.” At any rate, I was just curious.

        • Perhaps I should have put a question mark with the title word?
          Also…perhaps some empaths can better understand others, yet fail to understand themselves?
          A person tries too hard to be happy, saying yes to everyone else yet no to their own needs.

          One of my favorite ‘Empaths’ the character from Star Trek, Diana Troi.

          Sometimes a single word from a list jumps out. Could one blame the selection on a muse?

          empathy noun 2: the imaginative ascribing to an object, as a natural object or work of art, feelings or attitudes present in oneself:
          By means of empathy, a great painting becomes a mirror of the self.

          Empathetic is a recent term; it comes from empathy, which was coined by the German philosopher Rudolf Lotze in 1858. Lotze believed that when you look at a work of art, you project your own sensibilities onto it.

          One’s own sensibilities…gaining strength, drawing from inner courage to get out of the depths of the ‘blues’. Is that not the art of living? The Zen to find the beauty in all including self, while being compassionate.

    • News to me. One of the teams have Blue as a color. Isn’t there a final every year. Olympics (every two, winter or summer…) World Cup is that football (your soccer)?

        • The Olympics aren’t as fun since they let pros in. And well most are pros even if they aren’t being considered professionals because of the sponsorship they get. Or if they have been trained in a particular venue since age 3. So it isn’t really comparing apples with apples anymore.

          • Most sports leave me cold. I’m no fan of track events. I don’t mind some of the filed events. But synchronised swimming? Get real people. Same with the gymnastics with the bloody sill ribbons and balls. Don’t mind the Paralymics. Often makes me go, ‘Bugger me, that’s what you call dedication.’ Incidentally, the last gold medal boccia winner lives just down the road from me.

            • Cool beans. I think we have something similar called the ‘Special Olympics’ – could also be different from Paralympics for those with just loss of limbs. There might be something just for Vets/ Service people.

              Sometimes our local volunteer firefighters go against each other in some kind of games dealing with rescue. Also just some other sports competitions between Police and Firefighters – baseball or other.

              Not to many sports I watch either. But because hubby enjoys it…I end up watching or rather listening to golf, which has gotten more popular over the years.


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