Just Karma 70 for March 2016 wp

Just Karma 70
(three 3,5,3 haiku series)

spring cleaning
a yard work trim and
errand day

huge circle
bank, post office and
coffee shop

clip, snip, weed,
and hoe; dredge gully –
toe, heel; tow


(a summary of yesterday)
Note: some odd stuff filters through
the neighborhood water runoff drains…our ‘gully’
Is one of the low points. Mostly trash.

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8 thoughts on “Just Karma 70 for March 2016 wp

      • I know what you mean about getting rid of stuff and still there being too much. But then there’s another problem, at least for me, and that is suddenly needing something that I’ve trashed …

        • Yes that can happen. But I am trying to live without more stuff. It will be a long road though.

          I was just reading about a gal who recommends that like a restaurant, home kitchen counters shouldn’t have anything on them – for ease of cleaning. If and when I get another cabinet for the Kitchen I might be able to make that work. But at the moment my counters are perhaps more than cluttered. Sheesh. One of these days. But it is looking like later.

          • Ah kitchen counters … I think that somehow it just might be possible to keep them cleared … but to tell the truth, unless people are eating at counters I’ve rarely seen them without stuff on them … and still even when they are being used for people to eat on there are things like napkin holders and condiment trays.

  1. sounds like you’ve been busy … all that hard work … exhausting but it still looks good and feels like an accomplishment 🙂

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