Just Karma 66 for March 2016 wp

Just Karma 66
March Mirth
(three 3,5,3 haiku series)

the first day of spring

swaying leaves
in March winds’ cool breath
might be snow…

to weigh down
lace petals that bow
to the sun


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8 thoughts on “Just Karma 66 for March 2016 wp

  1. sheesh – I hope not – would spoil the lovely dancing delicate image in my head – but we too may receive some more of the white stuff later this week – just to level the playing field 😉

          • LOL … well it’s still March and so this is normal …. personally, I’d park my butt in southerly sand any time of the year …. beats sitting in the snow 😉

            • I remember bundling up attempting to learn to ski…in another life or so it seems. Really. There may be only so much one person can ‘take off’…but I’d rather have sand between my toes and an ocean than have to worry about frostbite.

              One can always sit in the shade of a palm tree, wear a hat and slather sun screen. I would so much rather feel my nose and toes than not!


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