Just Karma 59 for March 2016 wp

Just Karma 59
(three 3,5,3 haiku series)

please prescribe
or adjust the script
for my eyes

take away
haunting images
that tease me

one more week
for the new lenses
in new frames


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7 thoughts on “Just Karma 59 for March 2016 wp

  1. here’s hoping the week doesn’t tire you and your eyes out …. nothing quite like trying to see when things aren’t just quite right 😦

    • Getting an old scratched pair replaced.
      But the prescription was a tad off and needed a redo. I’ll keep the old pair for ‘play’ and ‘outside work’.

      • sounds like a very good plan …. and at least now, you’ll be feeling more comfortable and at ease 🙂

        (she said because she needs to get her eyes checked – *sigh*)

        • Supposedly your eyes change less as you age…I guess to a point. I’ve had the same ‘script for about 7 or more years. I just needed an unscratched up pair.

          • I think that applies to those who have had the need for prescriptions for their entire lives or most of it …. because everyone I know who has started out in life without the need, having really excellent vision, eventually, needs glasses for reading (which seems “normal”) and then usually, the “new set of problems” – near or far sightedness seems to slowly creep in …. funny how this is 😉 and I admit … a pain in the butt … but such as it is is how it will be 😉

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