ik 361 for March 2016 wp

ik 361
(three haiku)

Taijitu unfold
dark and light dance in circles;
will dark lift at dusk

with dawn dreams vanish
odd symbols might mean nothing;
or expand all things

balancing forces
can seem unnatural when
head and heart diverge


Inspired by: Love the part of you that is growing
in attentiveness and the part that does not want to be attentive.
From: Instant Karma by Barbara Ann Kipfer
8,879 ways to give yourself and others
good fortune right now.
Karma is cause and effect. Dharma means cosmic law.
Yoga is enlightenment through movement and Tao is the
practice of acting in harmony with the fundamental essence
of everything you encounter.

Note: My haiku (or other forms) are my interpretations
or of how I might put the inspirational sentence
into practice, for me. Also, I am going in my own order.

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