Just Karma 55 for March 2016 wp

Just Karma 55
fowl play?
(three haiku)

what bird, high flew there
vulture, hawk with three foot branch
to build one huge nest

spring must be waking
the nest builders now rally
without a chilled thought

whistling, working
with daring diligence; new
nests, or old repair


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8 thoughts on “Just Karma 55 for March 2016 wp

  1. the signs of spring as they rustle and hustle about … life stirring again … slow dance 🙂

    • A tad slow it seems. But dang that was one big stick. I saw the bird over head, I think it was the third time we were at the hardware store. I couldn’t imagine where it was going. But there is a sort of protected marsh area not far. Even so far in the sky one could see it was a huge branch!

      • LOL …. I’m laughing because it sounds crazy impossible right, and when we happen to see something as unfathomable as this …. we are, understandably, dumbfounded and curious …. in awe …. and then, well – let’s spin it another way? It speaks to the testament of the necessity of survival and overcoming the most incredible of obstacles, doesn’t it? And somehow …. *snorting* we are the ones who believe we are “superior” and yet often, we wallow …. when in fact, nature just “gets on with it” …. oh the irony! 😉

        • Oddly enough yesterday – I thought I saw a vulture fly over the house. They are a misunderstood bird. And whose to say if the other bird…didn’t fly all this way? There’s some nice area back my way for nesting.

          …The vulture also asks us to be patient with ourselves, … think things through… the vulture represents resourcefulness.

          And maybe it wasn’t a vulture?

          • Vultures are indeed terribly misunderstood …. shame really … they equally beautiful in their own ways … not mention serve useful and fruitful purpose …. and meanings … well symbolism is rich with possibilities 🙂

            And yes, you have some excellent settings for all kinds of wild life to consider as “home” 🙂

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