Just Karma 53 for March 2016 wp

Just Karma 53
winter winners
(three haiku)

a nice slow, cold day –
warm enough for errands and
to work on taxes

some play and some chores
some side stepping out of doors;
fill the bird feeder

sit together to
catch up on some missed programs,
home stir fry dinner


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13 thoughts on “Just Karma 53 for March 2016 wp

  1. some side stepping out of doors;
    fill the bird feeder

    love these lines Jules …. totally delightful and “springish” … enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

          • if you are prone to having milder winters generally i.e. golfing in February??? – then chances are a fair number overwintered … and during the worst weather stayed snuggled down …. here where I am … there are always a few pairs that tough it out … you see them on milder days … but the bulk of them leave ….

            • I didn’t golf… But those who have an extra fur coat think that 45 F is warm enough… Maybe it did get up to 5o F.

              At least ‘he’ fed the ‘Cracken’ (lost a ball in a body of water on the golf course).

              • laughing … well hey, that’s what happens when the spend their time chasing a little white ball around a course 😉

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