ik 343 for February 2016 wp

ik 343
Embedded in Pages

is a
gem of a name
for a delightful bunny

and her
brother Max can
be found in children’s

and Max
help young children
recognize words to enjoy


Inspired by: Make story time special for kids (children).
(Many use ‘kids’ to = children; however, kids are baby goats.)
From: Instant Karma by Barbara Ann Kipfer
8,879 ways to give yourself and others
good fortune right now.

Karma is cause and effect. Dharma means cosmic law.
Yoga is enlightenment through movement and Tao is the
practice of acting in harmony with the fundamental essence
of everything you encounter.

Note: My haiku (or other forms) are my interpretations
or of how I might put the inspirational sentence
into practice, for me. Also, I am going in my own order.

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9 thoughts on “ik 343 for February 2016 wp

  1. LOL — I’d always delight in the faces of people when they would ask me if I had kids – and I’d say “no” – but I thought it would wonderful to have a whole bunch of them – inserting a crazy number like 10 or something – because then the disbelief and shock and inevitable nervous questions following would further serve to make me answer in ways that made no sense, unless they cottoned on to the fact that I was referring to “kids” as in – the true meaning – baby goats! If they couldn’t figure it out I’d usually drop the truth – which would provide for some relief for them – but still leave them wondering why I would choose to respond in this “crazy” fashion. XD

    yeah, I’m such a “smart-ass” 😉


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