Just Karma 47 for December 2015 wp

Just Karma 47
heading north

blue dawn cracked
a convergence of crows
and their black wings

boisterously announcing
their passage unconcerned
about eavesdroppers

crackle and cackle
demanding attention, waking
everyone this morning


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6 thoughts on “Just Karma 47 for December 2015 wp

  1. 🙂

    A good sign perhaps? To not worry about pleasing others, being true to one’s nature, to follow one’s heart and spirit?

    I’m not sure what interpretation others may take from this – but I will consider these beautiful words – of a moment in time – captured in spirit and essence, as only you, Jules, can – as a gift – a confirmation and a sign of encouragement and hope, for me.

    And so it is I say “thank you” 🙂


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