ik 230 for October 2015 wp

ik 230
navigating definitions

my heart is your home
your heart is mine, wherever
we are or will be

home is
a street address
tomorrow home can be

home; a room with a view to
see the sky, sunset and rise
even if we need a key
without any teeth


Inspired by: During your travels, carry your sense
of “place” within yourself.
From: Instant Karma by Barbara Ann Kipfer
8,879 ways to give yourself and others
good fortune right now.
Karma is cause and effect. Dharma means cosmic law.
Yoga is enlightenment through movement and Tao is the
practice of acting in harmony with the fundamental essence
of everything you encounter.

Note: My haiku (or other forms) are my interpretations
or of how I might put the inspirational sentence
into practice, for me. Also, I am going in my own order.

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11 thoughts on “ik 230 for October 2015 wp

  1. Jules, your words seem simple but so deep, my friend. Somehow I felt so sad reading this
    wonderful work. You could have a a home today, or anything or a loved one today and the next moment it’s all gone.

    • Actually this piece was based on happiness and being with my hubby.
      Though I am having a family rift with another member.

      And then with your perspective anyone in any natural disaster feels very acutely that moment when everything they once knew …was/is gone.

  2. Wonderfully written – and the line about a key with no teeth – well, tickle me nuts, but the first thought that popped into my head, was of aging, being in a retirement home, or one’s own home, and having dentures …… you know, sitting on the deck, porch, couch, toothless and smiling, all faculties sharp … just the body wearing out …..

    *snorting* …. sorry, I can’t stop laughing at the image in my head …. although you have painted a very different idea, I believe …. you know … no matter where you are, know yourself and your loves, for home is where your heart is shared …. even if its while traveling *think keyless swipe cards* …..

    oh where is my head tonight?!

          • *snort* – now that’s interesting … but still … the idea of all the intel … it would be like handing over all your credit cards and social security number, as well as access to your bank account to a thief – “here, it’s not much, but go for it!”

            Grabbing the scissors?

            • Few years, well more ago really maybe even twenty or thirty, hubby read an article where there were actually tracking devices put in the colors of clothing. So the store knew when you shopped and what you bought and when to send you more advertising. That is kind of like computer cookies. But I don’t do much on line buying just for that reason.

              • Yeah …. it’s amazing how much Orwell was so way ahead of his time …. maybe it hasn’t all panned out as he projected … but I don’t think we’re too far off – and in some ways, we’ve surpassed it all.


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