Just Karma 30 for October 2015 wp

Just Karma 30
(Elfje and free verse combo)
Grand Dreams

her sleeping
sweet child napping
dreaming of chipmunks and

still slightly agitated by your
assumptions, demands and non-response,
I tossed, turned and churned
most of last night away

their transformation –
they’re not ‘chimpmucks’
that’s her pronunciation; I

live and learn through
a child’s eyes if you get the chance
– she is but one of my
dreams come true

can keep
your own flighty
dreams because I’ll keep


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6 thoughts on “Just Karma 30 for October 2015 wp

  1. Interesting juxtaposition of child’s dreams and an adults – and how we can be blessed to learn that for the young ones, they live in the moments they have – and the “bad” times, often, unless completely traumatizing, are soon forgotten. Much like nature … the hunter hunts … and if the prey isn’t caught … the hunter doesn’t dwell, but moves on. No choices or churning thoughts …. just forward motion.

    What lovely little words they come up with at that age – as they explore and enjoy … “chimpmucks” indeed! 😀


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