Just Karma 27 for September 2015 wp

Just Karma 27
(Jorio/ Joria-haibun)

the small brown cowbird
lays her egg in
another nest to be
raised by another avian

that little spotted
egg shell I found, hadn’t hatched –
taught me a lesson

nature has unique ways
for some of her
creatures to survive – though
sometimes they do not

Yes they are related to the Old World cuckoos


A Jorio is 4 lines, with each line 4 words.
Joria (plural of jorio) are moments in time, feeling, image.
More information can be found here:
haibun poetic verse including haiku

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31 thoughts on “Just Karma 27 for September 2015 wp

      • I probably should have made a fuller comment…I watch a lot of documentaries about people, such as Jews during the Holocaust, or POW survivors; the studies are fascinating, based on interviews with the survivors, which suggest that regardless of faith/belief system, people who have a tenacious will to live–somehow do. So I was probably way off track of your poem, my mind went another way 🙂

        • I was just talking about the cowbird… but yes symbolism for any who are consider parasitic by others and how they survive could fit equally as well.
          We all read into things from where we come from. And that is OK. Anything that helps us learn and think. All tracks lead to the source, the creation of, contemplation of the joy of surviving.
          Tenacity can be a gift.


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