ik 193 for August 2015 wp

ik 193
(American renga)

lend both of your ears
even when there is distance
to those who bare age

agree kindly and allow
them to repeat their themselves

especially when
they begin to forget – they
will love you for it

Inspired by: Listen to old people.
from: Instant Karma by Barbara Ann Kipfer
8,879 ways to give yourself and others
good fortune right now.
Karma is cause and effect. Dharma means cosmic law.
Yoga is enlightenment through movement and Tao is the
practice of acting in harmony with the fundamental essence
of everything you encounter.

Note: my haiku (or other forms) are my interpretations
or of how I might put the inspirational sentence
into practice, for me. Also, I am going in my own order.

American ranka
syllables 5/7/5 line space 7/7 line space 5/7/5

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13 thoughts on “ik 193 for August 2015 wp

  1. Voices and stories and patience – patience patience patience – for whether young or old – the need to be heard and appreciated, valued, exists. I see no difference in whether it be a child or an elderly person – the stories or words may be different because of life experiences and time – but to be truly heard – the ability to really listen, is difficult for far too many; sadly, many can’t be bothered.

    • I was about out of mine today… Little Miss almost went down three separate times and yet never did… So Son of Son while enduring some of her tantrums was good, also demanded attention in his own way. But in the end I always tell them I love them even when they are and I am a grumbly-mump. So we still end the day with hugs and kisses. Looong day today. We’ll all live. 🙂

      • I figured it was a rough day for you – cause there was little in my inbox to suggest otherwise.

        And so we send the grumpy-mump big gentle hugs – and wish her lots of rest and relaxation for the evening – a super restful sleep – tomorrow is a new day ….
        Jules xxxx

        • Two days to go until just Little Miss…but whose counting? Me! Not that I do not enjoy my grandees but maybe one at a time… And Little Miss is entering the Terrible Twos… But at least she is less of a picky eater than Son of Son. I was actually up at 5 am because I retired early last night. So maybe that didn’t help?
          So maybe another early night is in order. 😉

          I did do a new form troiku that should be in your inbox. So then adieu for this evening.

          Thanks…and cheerio.

          • Yup – say that new message and have it bookmarked – and well – take care – and yes, rest well – hopefully the “terrible twos” will be in finer form tomorrow – soon soon – it will be the weekend. Sleep well and sweet dreams 🙂

  2. Great advice. I do find that I have to repeat myself several times when I’m chatting with my mum because she is slow to pick up.. And sometimes I get a tad impatient with her when she says the same thing all over again. . A wonderful reminder, Jules to be patient. Thanks for sharing. :-).


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