Just Karma 20 for July 2015 wp

Just Karma 20

gonna catch a worm

out bound, not quite on the plane
one night near the airport
early rise, flight and then home

(c) JP/dh

Found here:
Created by Dennis L. Dean. The American 767 is:
a tristich, a poem in 3 lines. (Cool thing to know!)
syllabic, 7-6-7 syllables per line. Unrhymed.
The original prompt asked to include a bug. Not sure if that is part of the script.
But then I often go of script 🙂

*Posting tonight since I’ll be tight on time tomorrow
until I arrive at my front door.*











9 thoughts on “Just Karma 20 for July 2015 wp

  1. 😀

    Glad to hear you made it safely – despite the potential threats and problems – Home Sweet Home 🙂

    • I missed my lightning bugs! And I’ve been able to pull a few fruits and herbs from my garden. 🙂

      Glad I mowed Thursday. Rain started again last eve and didn’t stop until around 11 am.

      • Well now that you’re back – they can flash away 😉

        (They are wonderful creatures)

        Ahh the harvest begins – yum 😀

        Oh, well, perhaps the rain was much needed? We are in for a stretch of hot and yup – humid weather – for about a week – so far as they can tell – with nary a drop in sight – so let us herald Summer – and sweat it out 😉

    • We never know what to expect on the road from the airport to home. About mid way there were three cranes lifting a big truck – thankfully going towards the airport. The entry to the highway had been blocked. And once can just hope that if anyone was going to the airport they left early enough. Hubby always likes to arrive at least two hours early.

    • We were up before dawn. Got home about an hour ago 🙂
      When ever the plane lands – that’s a good landing – We had awful weather the night before. A tornado watch. Getting to the hotel near the airport – eek. But your good wishes I am sure helped!


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