Just Karma 19 for June 2015 wp

Just Karma 19

Finishing the Course

I am now close to the home stretch
as a horse is
one to finish
a race, I am

I have traveled well worn routes
as a horse has
gone on ovals
or circle tracks

I long for familiar green grass
…local horses…
‘blue’ has been nice
but home calls me


Found here:
The ‘Minute Poem’ = Poem in three stanzas.
Count syllables, no rhyme, etc required
8 syllables
(twenty syllables per stanza), Repeat x2 for a total of 60 syllables.
Minute poem.

Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass State”,
a nickname based on the bluegrass
found in many of its pastures due to the fertile soil.











4 thoughts on “Just Karma 19 for June 2015 wp

  1. Yes, and they are also known for their unique roadside rests….thanks for the postcard and the information contained. Didn’t know that particular piece of trivia, but am sure I will use it sometime in the future. Safe travels, my friend.

    • On a river tour…the guide explained that they have stopped trimming the trees. Economy dictates pressing needs must come first… but some of those scenic views will only be really visible in winter if they don’t do some serious trimming.
      Stopped at one capital view, and really there wasn’t.

      Still a few miles to go before my own bed. But we are getting closer… Thanks 😉


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