ik 19 : for Feb 12 wp

ik 19
Feb. 2015

mounds of disarray
heaping piles of self doubt
find the center core

as a nurtured seed; grow it
let it bloom – enjoy the rose

by another name, see –
be yourself – free to create
the door you open
Inspired by: Out of clutter; find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. –
(Albert Einstein)
from: Instant Karma by Barbara Ann Kipfer
8,879 ways to give yourself and others
good fortune right now.
Karma is cause and effect. Dharma means cosmic law.
Yoga is enlightenment through movement and Tao is the
practice of acting in harmony with the fundamental essence
of everything you encounter.

Note: my haiku (or other forms) are my interpretations
or of how I might put the inspirational sentence
into practice, for me. Also, I am going in my own order.
























13 thoughts on “ik 19 : for Feb 12 wp

  1. 🙂 Okay, as I’ve said, I’m loving these little treasures – btw, received the emails – will try to get to them tomorrow; I have a splitting headache – for many reasons – and it’s Friday night (he left today after a 36) and I’m my usual “sad Friday person” (usual for when he’s not here too) – and it just seems like every piece I’ve read today, of yours, keeps slicing too close my bones – and my skin is shredding enough – from the cold. 😦

      • Roflmao …. okay, laughter is good, it gets the circulation boosted, which is warming??? HaH! As if …. kitty is probably in the basement huddled by the wood stove, which means I can snag the 2 dogs …. or just dance around (but my feet are like ice) to warm up …. but no, not that … too much pain today blah blah blah.

        Actually, no EEKs necessary, I’m loving the “healing treasures” – honestly …. it’s just an off day for me – and like I said in another (or maybe it was this post-reply session – seems my brain is on vacation somewhere other than here) it’s Friday. And that doesn’t help.

        It’s rare that we are warmer than where you are – but it does happen, from time to time …. but at this point, I’d take some might warm Gulf Air blowing the hell up to push back on the Arctic Deep Freeze – either that, or I’m going to go outside and start trying to set fire to things, like trees and stuff. It’s been so cold, that from early morning on, thunderous, earth – house moving cracks are heard and felt, as trees and house beams expand and contract from the extreme cold. Startling, to say the least.

        • Last night we had the strong winds that the southern states had. A friend in Georgia complained of them during the day (yesterday). I had hubby and #1 son cut some tree branches that had a nasty habit of scratching the house. When that wind moves the vinyl siding it’s like nails scratching a black board.

          That’s worth a big EEEK.

          What happened to Global Warming? We have a friend science guy who says that’s a crock. We might just be going in a natural stage of what ever that is. But I don’t see it warming. Well not in winter. I suppose the folks in drought situations are seeing things differently though.

          • EEK! Oh, that is nasty – the sound on the house siding! Although nails on a black board never really bothered me – but that was years ago, so I’d have to do a test “see.”

            Actually, Global Warming is real – truly. And the extremes – because that is what is really is about – are the proof. The oceans’ temperatures rising by just a few degrees causes the most crazy results – so unlike the “easy to understand” version of GW – it isn’t about a sudden, hey, it’s been 25F for the past 40 years or 100 years, as mean average winter temperature, and now, over the course of 10 years (the most recent) it’s now an average of 45F. GW doesn’t work that way. Think of it more like water falling from a leaky faucet, or sticking to the natural landscape – run off from a stream that has found a side trace, and is dripping constantly onto a rock below – over time, erosion – until the rock hollows, or splits etc. Same principle, more or less. So, once one part of the whole ecosystem is screwed up, it affects all the other parts too, in different and not entirely predictable ways.
            As for the natural ways/course, yes, there is that too – it’s just that we have sped up the process through our “interventions and destructions etc.” So, like a butterfly flapping its wings across the globe, the ripple circles out and out.

            • I think I did get it wrong. It isn’t so much that there isn’t GW.
              It’s just that humans aren’t really making as much as a dent as all that. It is going to happen. But there really isn’t a whole lot that can be done to stop the natural course of things.

              Perhaps man may have helped in the slightest of escalations (really just fractions of fractions), but really in the great works of time Men or humans haven’t done all that much to change anything except populate the planet and add junk into outer space. Someone better figure out how we are going to live there…eventually the sun is going to implode too.

              Wasn’t this a thrilling conversation. Hmmm….the robins were back again today. Spring oh, spring where art thou?

              Ah…the movie… The Butterfly Effect. Was that the one with Robin Williams trying to rescue his dead wife?
              Nope it was :
              I don’t think I ever saw that one.

              Maybe not. But the bats and the bees are in trouble. So unless we can create small drones to pollinate our plants instead of blowing each other up…

              What other good things have happened today???
              I’m thinking…
              Oh, I read that a mom of 4 who quit her jog to take care of her children is one of the big Powerball winners. I wonder if she’ll adopt me?

              • Oh hell, ask her if she’ll adopt me too, please and thank you?!?!

                Yeah, this was a pleasant turn of events – in terms of the conversation …. and still, I sit here giggling, because it seems the reasonable thing to do, on a night like this, where all I want to do is …. never mind, too gruesome a thought.

                No, not wrong, just a quick reply is all. On the grand scale of scales, no man/humankind hasn’t done too much – but the overpopulation of the earth and the terrible waste we create, in all things, has affected more than we know, or can even fathom. Sad really.

                I’ve seen most of The Butterfly Effect – it was quite a number of years ago, mind, but I do remember finding it decent enough, and interesting in its own way.

                Now, there is an idea – propose it to NASA or some high-ended government body, will you – you could get royalties – drones, for good – pollination and all. Personally though, I prefer the bats, bees and all the other critical and crucial endangered species.

                • Interesting about the endangered species…
                  Elementary and the Zebras foaling …well if you didn’t see it.

                  Poor Watson though. I do wonder if Kitty will come back.
                  And Moriarty…that was twist.

                  • Ummm … I’m one behind in Elementary – but I suspect that will be on for the weekend (it’s recorded) …. It was interesting with Kitty thrown in to the loop – and well, Sherlock’s “arch” nemesis – Moriarty, that was also quite the tale. Fascinating how they have managed to keep it very fresh – I believe they took the idea from the BBC version, Sherlock – have you had the chance to see that at all? If you haven’t:



                    We’ve only watched it – and we’re behind by alot – because it was on PBS or Knowledge (Vancouver, B.C.’s equal to PBS) — although the other half just bought me Season 2 (not 1 – hadn’t been released yet, but 2 had) on DVD.

                    • I haven’t seen the BC version.
                      I’ve just always liked Sherlock. The books, various movies.
                      It’s quite funny to me that they don’t (or maybe it is on purpose) have more reference to the name in jokes.

                      I’ve got the OnDemand system. But I only go after the free stuff. I don’t think they have out of country versions.
                      I’ll have to look at the link. I haven’t watched programs via the computer before. Might have to wait for my other half – got called out for the weekend – to return before I mess with stuff like downloads or streaming.

                      Good thing then I didn’t give it all away. 🙂
                      I think I’m going to call it a night.

                      You might like my latest on my strands site…
                      “…confess nothing, bella luna….” for two prompts.
                      Should have popped up in your box – but here it is anyway:

                    • I’m not sure the BBC Sherlock is available on demand yet – at least not according to the site – but then, who knows what’s what. if you ever see the DVD version at the local Walmart – it should be about 15 -18 $US (that’s where the other half got, whilst working) it’s well worth it. Truly, exceptional.

                      Thanks for the links – I have my reader set for “daily” for you – since you’re so prolific, so usually, I’m a day behind, providing I get to my computer and emails regularly, which I don’t, despite wanting to. I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂

                    • I don’t go into my reader(s) much.
                      I have about a dozen folks I follow – the rest are when I try to reply to their visits.

                      Only so much time in a day.

                      Ah, we do have a local Wally Market. I was looking at the links – up to three seasons now might becoming out with a forth. Good looking actors. I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

                    • Well, when the other bought it – they had come out with season 2 first, at a cheaper price, I think he paid 12$US; the clerk said they often do that, sell the 2nd seasons 1st, then about 3 months later, they come out with the 1st season, at a “higher price” – 18-20$US. (which made me chuckle – because comparatively speaking, we’d be paying close to 30$Cnd. for the same damn thing.) Anyhow, if you happen to see it, it’s worth it – BUT – in the Brit version, it’s best to get Season 1 – because it really sets the tone – the first few episodes are kind of critical to understanding the characters and all. Anyhow …. I use my reader and email subscripts to try to follow along – it’s not easy though – as you’ve said, only so much time in the day.

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