Waffling Respect A haibun 1.14

Waffling Respect A haibun 1.14


Waffling Respect

Always having to be right – might just have a few drawbacks.
Or at least laughs behind your back. Surely you had to know
that we didn’t care that when you moved that you had to bring
with you everything you ever owned because you were so
attached to the memory and less open to making new ones.
And so you just had to move your waffle iron with you across
several states. Forgetting your mental health. Which we all
thought was debatable anyway…

And so it came to pass that all of us children visited at the same
time. And you could cook us breakfast. Waffles. But the batter
stuck. And while one suggested that spray butter – you refused.
Went into a tizzy thinking you prepared the batter wrong. A sad
song with so many mouths to feed. Then it came to pass that
someone else trundled through not hearing the others’ suggestion.
And without hesitation, sprayed the panel, which proved to be
the correct solution. The batter cooked and you shook, stunned.

After all who dared to tell you how to run your kitchen? Some of
the witnesses to this folly (I being one) had to snag another and
escape… our facial expressions would have given away our joy –
since you could not see yourself pout. Out we went, round the
house. To laugh until we cried. Like the Emperor who trod the
street in his best ‘see through treads’. You could not ‘bare witness’
to be corrected. So we erected our own memory.

ever wonder what
monumental moments are
savored behind you?


Note: Children will always see things differently than their parents.
And then some children become… parents.


10 thoughts on “Waffling Respect A haibun 1.14

    • It is tough to be a parent first, especially when you want to be friends with your children. There is that time when we think our parents are super heroes that can do no wrong, then we almost ‘hate’ them, followed by wow I actually did learn something of value from them.

      I think children can be different ages when that last light bulb of realization lights up. 🙂

  1. Oh my what a story! Indeed what does not know what stories our adult children will have a laugh at our expense behind our backs…I like to think it is sibling bonding 🙂

  2. Oh! That is lovely. How we cringe when we have to heed others’ advice. A good memory, I would say. And I like the haiku… it is true that certain moments are enjoyed behind someone’s back. Well-penned. 🙂 And the title is particularly wonderful.

  3. This reminds me of my mom a bit – she also panics about little things. Luckily, she takes teasing very well, though, so we can usually mend the situation right there and she’ll even join the laughter at herself. I enjoyed your story; it made me smile and nod with recognition.

    • Best to offer support to fragile egos.
      Though some folks just can’t laugh at themselves at all – and you know who they are because they say they can, and yet then turn around grieve and moan.

      At our place we think it is healthy at least now, to laugh at each other as well as ourselves.

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