starting ‘the sort’ 1.12

starting ‘the sort’ 1.12

With thanks to:  Tidying up

starting ‘the sort’

blindfolded or is that blindsided –
not quite, just attempting
a different fold
be gone squares
welcome rectangles
and an amazing amount
of found room…
though I kept them all
those T’s I treasure
maybe though tomorrow
I’ll choose to loose
the excess…
or repack them elsewhere
in storage to gain
a dresser draw.

got in the zen mode
of smooth and flip
hours went by…
I did choose one sweater
to give to charity and
tossed a few gross items
…even did three more draws
and found some lost items.
that was a bonus


Note: I might even have to buy the book…see inspiration link.


5 thoughts on “starting ‘the sort’ 1.12

    • I tried another system a few years back. Mostly just about cleaning… as that is not my forte either.
      But I actually straightened a few more things out and got a full bag for charity.
      I’ll have to work on it some more. Clothes are just one area that I’ve too much 😉

    • Got another bag full to give away.
      Made a bit of breathing room in the closets.
      Only because Little Miss has done well with her napping 😉
      Still miles to go…

  1. Folding and sorting is very zen, it’s true! I’ve discovered that in my tidying up 🙂

    Thank you very much for the link to my post. I’m glad you found it inspiring!

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