free flyers 12/26

free flyers                          12/26
(after landing)

a helix of large birds
enclosed in the thermal

the lone white egret
along the causeway

neighborhood moorhens
in a small pond –
(Muscovy ducks?)

black capped gulls…
in the reserve park lands,
all on the route to our
getaway destination

then at the end of the pier
there, two pelicans resting
in the late afternoon –
in the distance Atlantic…

(c) JP/dh

(… arrived – safely.)

Not a fairytale, but a free prompt gift. A vacation with the one you love is a happy dream made into reality.


4 thoughts on “free flyers 12/26

  1. Beautiful. Birdwatcher (no where near a pro). Could picture lone egret, 2 pelicans, birds in the thermals, ducks on a pond. Lovely imagery. Have a great holiday!

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