an easy escalade : a choka haibun 12.23

an easy escalade
(a choka – haibun using three prompts 12.23)

the engineer rode
a long life over the rails
sometimes traveled by
car, bus, or even airplane
used his two feet too –
favored the beloved train.
oft his own wife thought
she was second fiddle to
the iron maiden
that had stolen his heart so
early in his youth.
perhaps the old man wondered
if he would meet his wife who
just years before went
with an angel guide, straight up –
he had been so lost
without her strength; took his cane
and went for a stroll –
t’was only fitting to be
called up to the gate
by St. Peter; a stair
of rails ascending
up into the pearly clouds
gentle the slope there
on the old abandoned line –
peacefully found his way…home.
do you hear it… the
fading echo whispers still –
reuniting souls


Carpe Diem Prompt
choka form
MLM Prompts
see Photo prompt photo of ‘Heaven Zone’ by Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez
Haibun Thinking
Dec 23, 2014 Freestyle week; Movie quote:
“Not all those who wander are lost”J.R.R. Tolkien
(The Fellowship of the Ring)


21 thoughts on “an easy escalade : a choka haibun 12.23

  1. Ah Jules, what a lovely story and it was such a pleasant read too. I always enjoy your poetry and never know if it will be serious, funny or thought provoking:) Happy Holidays, Jules…hope you enjoy your family and those grands…will be seeing my 3 tomorrow;)

        • I remember when I was doing a good part of the chauffeuring before my boys could drive. 😉
          Now my younger sibling is going through that phase with his children (14 and 12).
          This sport or that play or choir, or friend.

          A nice relaxing day so far. Got up late, mailed some packages (late, but the folks who are getting them know that…),
          late or early brunch (Hubby cooked) and now the last bit of laundry so we can choose what to pack…
          I didn’t even write my daily yet… off to do that now. 🙂

          Expect some sand in my posts soon 😉 maybe even some sun 🙂

          At least it is 48 F or 8 C so there is no snow. Looking for safe travels tomorrow.

  2. Whatever the poetic form, you have written an touching piece. His wife went with the angels, he walks the tracks he loved. Beautiful.
    Here’s to writing 2015!

    • It is kind of like a tan renga just all together.
      We all have our favorites – just keep doing what you love.
      And thanks again for all of your prompts and the Ghost Writers too.


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