twelfth month memories CD Special 123 12.21

twelfth month memories                                                   CD Special 123 12.21

The scarecrow’s old hat
Was flung by the winter wind
Into a graveyard.                                                                        © Richard Wright

landed on memories grave
the elder lost way too young

and the young not quite
able to breathe that first breath
so very still, cold

yet there the hat rested on
the flag of those who served true

father, brother, and
uncle, sister, mother, aunt –
grandparents who gave

along with the orphan and
the stranger – compassion’s friend

tumbled yet again
over the flowers left there
weathered and brittle

the sun can only fade cloth
not the love kept in the heart

for on the mantle
candles are lit to honor
each and everyone

throughout the year, mind open
with the thoughts of how and why

those gone might enjoy
visions now that living eyes
treasure with delight

winter is but one season –
capping the end of the year                                                  © JP/dh


Note: While a cemetery is not my most favorite place. It is a challenge when days pass
and we miss those we love. In this season last year we lost an elder. But when we gather
to light candles and celebrate we always have a food item we know that would have brought
joy to them. Without words it is like having them join us. Their presence honored. And too we
remember all those, who that scarecrow’s’ hat in the graveyard might have tumbled by…

So you have to start with this opening-verse or “hokku” and in your closing-verse or “ageku” there has to be a link or association back to this “hokku”. Why? Well … it’s because of aesthetic reasons … by linking or associating from the “ageku” to the “hokku” you make the “circle” complete.”Soliloquy no Renga” in which I asked you to write a solo-renga with a maximum of 12 stanzas.


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