in synch (series for) MLM and CD 12.17

in synch                                         (series for) MLM and CD prompts 12.17

so cold – teeth chatter
so numb, but not quite enough
to find rest in sleep

some friend to invite me north,
make me sleep on the cold floor

I was not prepared
to sleep as if on winter
grasses – such a state

after the fire was out,
the thermostat turned low

my skin like that of
withered mums outside the home
of the dark country

teasing the pre-teen soul that
expected comfort and warmth

even anger was
not enough to raise my hopes
of surviving night

morning came, not soon enough
mourning the end of that friend

my senses alert
I vowed to never be so
cold ever again

like blooming orchids
in a well kept greenhouse – I
would know constant warmth

from more than just the weather
I would also keep warm hearts


Ha asks us to write about ‘This Chill’ and Chèvrefeuille asks us to incorporate or play
again with these past themes: Carpe Diem # 68 Winter Grasses, # 82 Withered Mums
and # 294, Orchids. And so I have… in synch (or sync) noun : (1930-35; shortened form
of synchronization) 2. harmony or harmonious relationship.

Also note: I do not think it is fair of anyone to host another (especially a child) and expect
them to understand and adapt to weather to which they may not be prepared for. The family
I stayed with basically had no heat on at night. In the middle of winter in Connecticut
it is more than just a slight chill that seeps into ones bones.


12 thoughts on “in synch (series for) MLM and CD 12.17

  1. Wonderful series and this brought back a memory – back in the 70s when Europe had the energy crisis due to the Arab oil embargo, I went to visit friends in Germany. The Germans are always more civic minded than the Italians … there it was December and snow up to the yin yang … cold as the dickens (monus 10 C or so) and in the building they turned the heating off at night! Sleeping on the floor with only blankets was a chilling experience …

    • Your comment reminds me of some of the High School or maybe College programs that the students attempt to understand the homeless by basically being in a cardboard shelter with limited food for anywhere from 12, 18, 24 or even a couple of days. Makes one want to carry their own sleeping bag around. But That will only do so much depending on how well it is made. Brrrr….

      It takes too much energy to reheat a building (or a even a room) it is better to leave the thermostat at a constant temperature even if the temp is low, so says my hubby the engineer. I try to keep my home at 68 F or 20 c in the winter and 78 F or 25 C in the warmer months. Layering clothing in winter is good. But too hot and well there is only so much one can ‘take off’. 🙂

      It is all a matter of what one is used to and how one has adapted. Folks who are used to one way need to consider those who are not. Visiting warm places, I always have to take a jacket when we go into a restaurant because the air conditioning is set so low. People expect it to be cool inside out of the sun. But I don’t expect to be freezing in the summer. The change in temp like that can get you sick.

      Ack -10 C is about 14 F That’s too far below freezing @ 32 F to have to sleep on the floor.

      • Ah .. living the energy crisis in the 70s in Europe was quite an adventure … and no survival gimmick … the Germans have since developed their alternative energy programs, wish I could say the same for Italy.

        I know what you mean about the AC. When I visit the States (in summers) I always have to take a jacket or heavy sweater around with me … I freeze in supermarkets and restaurants! Don’t know how they manage.

  2. Wonderful writing.
    It is not a sign of a good host, having not considered the trouble you might have had, coming from a different place.
    The cascade was really good. The images of winter are picturesque, and you do tend to make us feel the cold with your words. 🙂
    Thanks for playing along this week.


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