…yellow blooms… and …December garden… CD 619 12.6/12.7

…yellow blooms… and …December garden… CD 619 12.6/12.7

…yellow blooms…

up there somewhere
above the rain, stars shine
and a full moon

maybe tomorrow silver
light will shine on yellow blooms

on forsythia
bushes in my December
winter garden


…December garden…

oak moon at six
small sister reflection in
the window glass

oak moon setting east
long shadows are drawn across
my December garden

oak moon at six
silver light barely reaching
cold forsythia


Note: Yes, my forsythia bloom in the winter. They are near water – when it is very cold, then
there is any warming above 40 F or more…they bloom. Even my silver maples have buds.

Thankfully the rain did stop and I was able to see
the Oak Moon at six am.



7 thoughts on “…yellow blooms… and …December garden… CD 619 12.6/12.7

  1. It doesn’t surprise me at all that your forsythia blooms more than once. I have irises that bloom both in the spring and fall (and they have done this every year since we moved in 4+ years ago). I think the temperature is just right for the second (fall) blossoming. Enjoy the forsythia while you can, JP…winter’s cold is coming (and going to stay). ~Nan


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