10.27 (two prompts) …only man…


10.27 …only man…

harvest myth
sacrifice needed
Mother asks for fruit

only man demanded blood
which destroyed the dirt

nothing grew
where life was spilled
harvest myth



8 thoughts on “10.27 (two prompts) …only man…

    • From all that I have ever learn about any religion or faith the Mother Earth never asked for blood. It was only the interpretation of Men. Sometimes very greedy men.

      That’s not to say that the Gods are all innocent. Some playing with humans and other spiteful and willing to smote enemies. But who is it who interpret what the Creators demand?

      Watched a show recently that proved the ancient Greeks priests had elaborate mechanized devices to go with their deceptive rituals to help maintain confusion and compliance of the masses. Like statues crying blood or milk. And that translated to other more modern practices in various faiths as well.

  1. Amazing how much “punch” you are able to pack into so few words – the heft is clear. Wonderful. 🙂

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