10.19 …one thousand coats…


10.19 …one thousand coats…

little tea box shines
because of the lacquer made
by little berries

one thousand coats protect the
carefully hand painted box


The resins of certain species native to Japan,
China and other Asian countries, such as lacquer
tree (T. vernicifluum) and wax tree (T. succedaneum),
are used to make lacquer, and, as a byproduct of lacquer
manufacture, their berries are used to make japan wax.


7 thoughts on “10.19 …one thousand coats…

  1. It’s true – most man-made products do have a basis in nature, in some way; eventually, in some cases, the chemical components can be replicated by using chemicals, or most chemicals alone, then added to another type of base. If not, there would be absolutely nothing living left on the planet – including us.

    Lovely haiku Jules 🙂

  2. cool … you’ve taught me something and I can now appreciate even more the beautiful laquered boxes you’ve artfully described in your haiku!

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