10.17 …a trio of arachnids…


10.17 …a trio of arachnids…

careful hunter dwells
in the midst of tented webs
vibrations tell tales


mother wore a black
cloak: a red hourglass on its
back… merry widow


tiny venomous
little thing with three pairs of
eyes…is rather shy



Note: Some spiders make tents, some Black Widows
do have marking on their back but usually the red hourglass
is on the underside,and the brown recluse would rather be left alone.


12 thoughts on “10.17 …a trio of arachnids…

  1. a new glossary of spiders … though in theory I like spiders … I do prefer them at a distance. you’ve done a great job here describing the different types I’d probably prefer to avoid, but you’ve done a great job weaving the haiku! 😉

  2. My daughter freaked last night because there was a spider sitting on her plug socket and she spotted it as she plugged in the charger for her Kindle. Then my son – only slightly nervous of spiders – refused to sleep in his room for two nights because the big spider in there had gone into hiding.

    I like these three haiku. They are enjoyable


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