9.25 plaited prompts: …the emperor ate…

9.25 plaited prompts: …the emperor ate…


(Perhaps if the emperor had eaten more apples?)

‘I Speak Not, I Trace Not, I Breathe Not Thy Name’ by Lord Byron
(I’ve taking an indirect route and slightly longer than an American tanka)

a memento mori poem with these words:
trance, track, skin, emperor, popcorn, bacon

And just because it Too, Too – fits…   Q 25 T 10


a tale retold in memento mori:
…the emperor ate…

bacon was the fat
the emperor ate, popcorn
with too much butter

in a trance with his mirror;
not looking at skin sagging

lost track of his life;
sly tailors’ embarrassment –
naked to his own death

coffin closed; who was the first;
and the last mourner? the child

clear lesson here;
moderation is the key –
serve it up daily



30 thoughts on “9.25 plaited prompts: …the emperor ate…

    • Sometimes when I have a busy day it is fun to combine prompts. It worked for this piece.
      Most fairy tales did not have happy endings. They were quite political and quite often not just for scaring children 🙂

        • I try to do at least one CDHK a day… doesn’t always work that way.
          I look at most of the prompts at your blog spot place since you always have a bounty of fun information and share delightful pieces from various sources. I think I’ve missed some of your WP ones. With having a daily long verse prompts at my friends place and my flash fiction pieces on the weekends… well there is only so much time in a day 🙂

          The way it is working out for me is to see a prompt, write and pretty much post the next day. That is why I’ve been appearing in later in on your link list.

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