an Elfje

more rain
last April day
will May bring brilliant



1sojournal list: Courageous Terrapin

Courageous Terrapin

There be no dragons as she
conquered her souls course –
What need was there of a compass
when escaping the padded existence
that was someone else’s definition?
No lock would hold her, as she sailed
over the edge…Even as she hides so
cleverly in her space, she may wonder
what will become of her …or not…

After all just how big is one
large turtles’ brain. While I in
deepening panic mode searched,
tearing apart my laundry room?
The net covering of her tank which
had proven sufficient for so long –
was no match for her determination.
Discovering her escape, I wondered
if she had even survived the fall…

She did. I picked her up,
washed her off, while speaking
soothing words – like ‘Silly turtle,
you did have me worried –
Thank goodness you are OK!’
I think her companion was happy
to have his friend back…
Though I suspect it was with his aide,
stepping on his back that she, fled.

©JP/davh 4.27.14
dragons, course, become, compass, sail, padded,
lock, hides, deepening, conquer, soul, definitions

Imprompt: The Heart Knows
Describe that nose

a triple Triqain:
The Heart Knows

he saw it grow and shrink –
couldn’t capture any sense at all
until the wooden head the Blue Fairy gifted
life without strings, flesh and blood – right there
Geppetto sure was glad
for the lad

loved the story of him
had a little wooden Pinocchio
took me a while to make sense of fairy tales
life with all the trappings, memories;
honeysuckles scent
brings her close

There are things
we can and cannot do
make alive that which is not – unless
we lose ourselves in fantasy forgoing truth
even that, written in stone wears thin
listen to your heart beat,
find love there


Imprompt 25: Sticking Points
With thanks to two videos of ‘Simon’s Cat’
See the link for the videos:
‘Sticky tape’ and ‘Hop it”

Elfje sets:
Sticking Points

adhesive tape
to my tail…
will you tell me?

after battle
one, I won
didn’t I, I thought…


game plan
well played then
the drama, the chaise

we did
on the battlefield
friendships are forged, thus –


Feather Brained?

With thanks to:

Feather Brained?

Plaited are the white, silver and
mousy brown thoughts that seemed
to flow from her crown…

without the dam
(that was across the
border creek – that we
painstakingly cleared)
the geese swim freely
upon the murky water
as cool clean cotton
fabric drying on the line
on warm spring day

or maybe the aviators are
just floating with the current…