February Tribute

a haibun:
February Tribute

while I understand the principle of gravity – I still attempt to fly
though I’ve nought steered a rudder – I still seek to float

I reserve the right – though I may seem fickle
to change my directions (for or against the winds)

so for all the ‘awards’ that you’ve gifted me ~
and you know just who you are; Thank you

I admit to not being a very good record keeper –
in some respects, well most if the truth is being told

so please do not feel slighted if I have opted out of playing
passing the beautiful torches of those honorary games

it is best, so I have read for poets to do what they do best
and for the available time I have – some more or less…

I will use it to continue to just do what I do, which is to be
inspired by all the best that is the whole collective of ‘you’.

each and everyone
recognition acknowledged
sincere thanks offered

© JP/davh-g


2 thoughts on “February Tribute

  1. This was a beautiful way to accept awards and pass them on, you have such a grateful heart. It shines in the way you write about the simplest examples of nature and beauty around you! I loved the beginning, the way you pair the forms of navigation with the actual interest in them! (Flying and Floating along into February!) Smiles and a hug, Robin

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