time tabled

time tabled

yesterday passes
with snowflakes and sun,
dusk allows the witness of the wild
the midnight hour brings stars

the blinking light on
the answering machine signals
someone has left a message
tired ears will play it after day breaks

there is just sometimes one
to many a straw and the burden,
too heavy so the camel sits,
refusing to move…

the sands shift, ashes from fire flutter
in the wind – heavy eyes refuse to shut;
resolutions distant – time to rest
in the companionship of darkness

with the one who was, is
and will always be there
even when sleep is evasive –
yesterday became today



it’s always something…

it’s always something…

unexpected flight delay
makes for a day late
in returning home…for daddy

pressed into service
in the early hour –
grama picks up lampkins
so mommy can go to work

over the river and through
the woods… settle everyone –
then discover a computer mouse
is on the fritz

good to have the laptop
as a back up…
it’s always something…

(c) JP/davh



As if there were a fine mist
turned and churned to tasty cheese
they, those small white flakes are
once again salting the ground

And I wonder if the man who
said he was a graduate of the
same school as my own children
will hold his sign at his post

That says “Homeless, Please help”
Yesterday I slipped him a ‘bill’ from
the change I collect for just that
purpose – hope he had a warm meal


Another Month of Winter

Another Month of Winter

Because there was a false sense of spring
I wore one less layer, and was cold – even inside
my home for most of the day…

Warmed by the internal hope that the next storm
would indeed take an upturn – though not wishing
several more inches on anyone else…

Ran my errands with my sun glasses on, no hat,
no mittens – not even zipping my coat – wanting
to breath light…

The birds are calling again, more vocal than ever –
I have seen the ducks in the creek – though from
my distant picture window…

Today I am layered once again, the sky sulks –
winter will not be forgotten as another arctic blast
blows with precision down my neck…

©JP/davh g

just a few words…

just a few words…

just before the latest rain, last night-

the upturned grin of the line of snow storms
that was across the country turned …up
to miss our area with harsh solid flakes and ice

just before dining at a mini family reunion –

I saw a v of geese heading north…
she saw a flock of robins…
but the news forecasters on the radar saw snow

just after another uncommonly warm February night –

the repeat nightmare of dismal failure reared up
but I remember reading that symbols are often opposites
so just maybe there will be a successfully early spring?


One Winter Night

One Winter Night

Stars! Get ‘em while they’re Hot! Stars!
Just step outside your door
Or look out your window.
North, east, south and west.
Stars! Free Stars!

Might not be here tonight…
Another winter storm on the way…

Stars! North, east, south and west!
A story with every constellation!
Or Make up your own.
Make a wish on the first one –
Stars! Free Stars!