This piece is a three fer, my daily and the two prompts above. Enjoy:


Give me goblins and ghouls
Give me ghostly visitations
Give me poisoned apples to eat

They are all better by far
Than a relative who doesn’t trust,
Doesn’t like the stuff that you are stuffed with

Give me a strong partner
Give me loving children
Give me friends to fill my days

Take away the two-face
Unsupportive spellbinder
Who’s wizardry seeks to enslave

Give me patience
Give me fortitude and courage
Give me mounds of humble pie

To accept with grace
Those things I cannot change
And let me be ‘dependant’ upon myself

Give me relationships fair and just
Give me a good nights sleep
Give me a new day…



bark worse than bite, still hurts…

bark worse than bite, still hurts…

sometimes people can be blinded
by their own frustrations
that their own resentments
come to the surface because
they are overwrought and overwound –
pulled so tight that anything
out of the immediate realm of their problem at hand
becomes the hair trigger to their own insecurities

and it is like pulling teeth for any witness
to know what is going on inside those troubled,
task wearied, emotionally drained brains…
but don’t tell them I said so –
they might come and bite my head off

well actually if you see a headless body
attempting to find cheer, questioning
directions, befuddled because they only
wanted a clear explanation to a semi related issue
that would in fact, be me – singing today’s blues

understanding people who try to be strong;
who you thought were rocks, were in control,
are smart, beautiful, maybe a tad bossy even –
doesn’t make the next day any easier when
you see them quivering like jelly, their
candle burning from both ends because
they were too stubborn to ask for help –
that is my observation for this milestone day.


Side Shuffle

Side Shuffle

An unexpected apology is…
music to my ears.

I can sympathize with life taking
away chunks of time that you
thought would be your own

But just don’t expect me to
be playing any violins.


Where does the fault lie
when lack of communication
counsels one to keep quiet?

Each points to the other
saying ‘Not I’, ‘No, not I’

Respect is a two way street
which can lead to harmony – are both
parties really willing to dance?


peace of mind

piece of mind

at least last nights sleep
was somewhat refreshing
retiring after an aggravating day

some people think they know all,
can break the rules and dictate
everyone else’s actions

I’m here to tell you that,
that attitude will not always
get the desired reactions

I got the information to finish a task
that I never should have had in the first
place; which I will do when I am able

and then perhaps…though unlikely
and apology might roll around –
though I am not expecting any…


Sentimental Wear

Sentimental Wear

There is a T-shirt for everything…
The one that was a reminder of a place
That either someone else went to or was it you?

The statement for a cause
To raise awareness, to help fund a cure
Or just to be playful or sarcastic

And then there are those that
Commemorate occasions – like
Graduating classes with lists of names…

That may not mean anything to strangers
Yet they are wearable treasure, for sure
Meaning the world to family and friends

The ‘T’ I favor is the gift from my son!
Not the actor, artist or sports hero –
There is a T-shirt for everything…


On Call 24/7

On Call 24/7

Called away in the quiet of night
Out of dreams well earned
The volunteer beside me
Trundles off to offer whatever
Aid is requested…

Sometimes just clean-up, standby,
To what was a bumper snag
Or veer off the road that was not
Exactly planned…or a full raging fire!

Called away in the quiet of night
Professionals too – several –
But the ones I know are firefighters
Trained, tried and true – who when
On their shift – may not sleep at all…