Just Like Yesteryear


Just Like Yesteryear

Remove your footwear,
roll up your pleated pants!
The grapes need pressing –
Then together with purple feet
we shall sup, then dance a jig!

She shows them
where to wash their feet
especially between your toes!
Rinse them well and join the fun
We’ve a full day of fun for everyone!

Corny but fun…especially when I found the
Casa Larga site. A little taste of Italy in New York.

And apparently you can still do so today…just visit
The Purple Foot Festival at Casa Larga in Fairport, NY (USA)


Rock-a-bye Sigh

Rock-a-bye Sigh

There is a little part
inside my heart
doing flips and going
ooo and aaah

There are things one
just doesn’t recall
ever making a big
deal about and yet

He remembers them,
the lullabies I made up
and sang to them when
they were itty bitties

And now he wants me
to find the words – he
knows I have them some-
where in my files

He is singing parts of
them to his own child
and he wants to get the
soothing words just right


Charming : a haibun


In the rental truck drop off parking lot –
almost ran over the little critter, there,
After a very long and stressful day
…he repurposed a paper drink cup –

Into a temporary shelter, capturing an
errant animal hopping towards the road.
The road of giants and their machines
that race to unknown destinations…

I’d like to believe my boy could have saved
a prince… the one looking for a golden ball.
We can only hope that once returned to
greener grasses, a kiss awaited there…

Perhaps thanking goodness for second
chances and good sons who respect life
…He repurposed a paper drink cup –
after a very long and stressful day.

wax covered paper,
plastic lid, sanctuary –
brief for lucky frog




And so it began…and begins
the panelling removed, a new light rewired –
hubby spent hours in the attic, as that is something he can do

Today one of the first professionals
of a few to enter the fray will arrive soon enough
to repair and fill some holes in the ceiling and the walls

Some things are better left
to those with just a tad more experience
in their fields of expertise – and they are worth every penny!



Sometimes it just takes one little word…in this instance ‘core’


The apple core contains the seed
several actually that could produce
another tree…

Do we save each and every one –
of just that fruit and shade every
other field?

Every wave of ocean green has
the potential to be purified, salt
greedily divined…

Do we drain every sea dry just
to have water for land lovers to
quench thirst?

Somewhere there is a sense of
what is true and just, though not
all agree…

If we could protect the world and
all its gifts…I fear humans would
still disagree.




unexpected schedules
rearranged priorities
make for long days
when volunteering services…

unexpected expenses
arranged for free gifts
make aggravated emotions
when someone else thinks
they are doing favors….

unexpected demands
aggravate arrangements
that distance cannot abide –
for stubborn situations


note: impetuous…two many u’s not enough; i

Trial of an Error

Trial of an Error

The progress seems slow,
and yet within the week
we have by our own power
cleared a good bit of the

Finding crushed garden
fences that were mostly
for decoration – salvaged;
little reminders of a small

There will be debate on how
much will be left in its natural
state – he wants it all gone…
she’d like some of the log left

At least eighty to ninety
percent of what was on the
neighbors property if not
quite properly, has been

That should make them
happy – especially after
grass seed is tossed and
the black spot that was,