Plans : Aug 1


…going to rent a surrey
with a fringe on top
the horse power
will be our own
pedaling with our feet.

I’ll let him steer
just as long as he is near.

we’ll ride on the boardwalk
for about and hour
while the sun is still rising
and the ocean breeze
is there to please…

(c) JP/davh


shell shocked? for 7.31

for July 31
haiku series
shell shocked?

selling sea shells she
hawks and barks her finds, please buy
from the morning stroll

little girl with home-
made sign; to passers by, *sigh*
when no stops to see

I think about my
own pickin’s: slippers, razors
boats, clams, and smooth stones

little girl with home-
made sign; I can only guess
and wonder why…*sigh*

from the morning stroll
please buy, she barks and hawks them
she sells seashore shells


destinations : for 7.29

haiku series:

early rise, late start
eventually we reach
where we need to be

check in – relax, chill
before assembling forth
to the boardwalk – stroll

in the lengthening
of day, we watch kites, birds soar –
inner child sighs

hoping at some point
to see from the balcony
stars over the sea

where we need to be
eventually we sigh
in each others’ arms


’round back for 7.28

haiku series:
‘round back

travel far, no need to
yard provides; turtle sunning
hoppy frogs, minnows

darting from the shade
back into the sun, from my
shadow, leaning in

to attempt to count
tiny fish no bigger than
pinky fingernails

creek and gully sun
and shade, cool breeze assists
in getting chores done

mow here, rake there, air;
fragrant butterfly bush begs
winged things to sup


Early travel start. Hopefully on line sometime tomorrow. ~J

front south garden : haiku series

haiku series:
front south garden

arbor got a trim
vines once again up the pine
tendrils twisty green

white blooms arriving
later in the season when
it is not so hot

arbor still looks like
the entrance to a secret
garden…and it is

little offset path
lined with shade loving flowers
white columbine gone…

replaced with dainty pink
blooms on the hostias straight stems
shaded by some pines