Expectancy (6.30)


another change due
as one month ends and
another one begins

estimations, guesses, carry
weighted days until new arrivals
take center stage

could be today
wasn’t yesterday, then we could
have a delay

anticipation, preparation, anxiety
as we all wait impatiently
for ‘your’ arrival

a new face
to expand our limitless love –
birth changes everything…


A Kelly Lune series


Lines of Site (6.29)

Lines of Site

Peers, see clearly
into the depths of soul
through the ether

into our homes
sharing themselves, lifting each other
to new heights

forging new relationships
igniting sparks and illuminating candles
showing extending hands

reaching, respecting, resolving
to continue support when possible
occasionally escaping reality

enjoying the flow
of creativity in many forms
clearly seeing; peers

A Kelly Lune series

inspired by and with respect to:
And so many more – thank you all

‘Watercolor’ (6.28)


red bird perches
atop the green pine tree
preening after rain

in calm dusk
cool whispering breeze – adjusts feathers
cardinal or robin?

their chest rising –
a dusty rose, as mist
blurs the lines


A Kelly Lune series

Note: viewed at sunset through binoculars
and still couldn’t ID my bird friend

Arrangements (6.27)


due diligence done
on my part – now go meet
your own deadlines

only so far
will I serve – as lackey
to your responsibilities

your bed made
your way; by your rules –
you know best?

not your toady –
played that part too often,
curtain’s gone down…

spotlights, top billing?
I have left that theater –
saw your show

once is enough
I don’t need to keep
the ticket stub…

for family peace
I have kept my tongue –
for the moment…

But you know
that I can only be
pushed so far

so be careful
of your next request – I
could say; no.


a Kelly Lune series

Reigning Airs (6.26)

Reigning Airs

strong and mightily
winds blew – out of the
tree; fallen home…

Just after mowing
and other morning errands too,
an odd spot…

in the lawn
no treasures left, for me
no feathers either…

the large nest
may have belonged to owl,
or redtail hawk…

woven twigs into
dried mud; could have been
very old indeed

I can hope
my feathered friends will rebuild
in the willow…


Weathered (6.25)


another storm brewed
while we were far away –
a double felling…

another piece of
a dead or dying tree –
maybe lightning struck

another unheard crash
and crackle falling in landward –
a natural force

another live tree
taken with it, uprooted, bent –
the ornamental cherry

another mess added
to the existing debris scattered
along the creek

another sigh as
a side garden of berries
are ‘pre’ jammed

another days’ observance
watching bunnies enjoy cherry leaves
under new shelter…


A Kelly Lune series

Apparitions (6.24)


vacation voices flutter
filtered through the hotel walls
just getting in

like flimsy ghosts
returning to from local haunts
at almost three

in that wee
hour where I should be
sound asleep…yet

after some trouble
getting connected, going through hoops,
through the backdoor

I become ghostly
reflected in the mirror there –
in computerscreen light…