Variations on a Theme…

Double Acrostic for the last day of May – both ‘end’s are ‘m-a-y’

Variations on a Theme…

merrily we watch the growth in the fields of the farm
attended lovingly by those who run the co-operative CSA
yields are unique, mostly greens in the spring – I’ve yet to use my bok-choy



Fates Converge: a MAY acrosTic

Fates Converge: a MAY acrosTic

mumble did the words –
addressed spells of wizards old and
youthful too – were thwarted of those protected in the mists of earth

mortal so-be souls
attached to bone and skin, breath rises
yeast-like; bread and butter for imaginations feast

Miriam was Moses’ sister
Aaron the other brother – priest
yielded only to One Master Holy

many a spell was cast to
alter the course of those selected faithful,
yeoman traveling sand – cast in a waterless sea

mitered ones, they repeated, all the tales
again and again the people survived through sheltered eves and
yawning sunsets – as magic faded through the fine mists of their earth…

Note: this started out as a fantasy, and took another turn – though some may still believe it is a fantasy.
The verse is just a retelling of an old tall and is not meant as a statement of fact, or to be insulting in any way.

using yeoman defined as: noun: Archaic. 4 .a servant, attendant, or subordinate official in a royal or other great
household. and adjective: 6. performed or rendered in a loyal, valiant, useful, or workmanlike manner, especially in situations that involve a great deal of effort or labor: He did a yeoman job on the problem.

using mitered as: 3. Judaism. the official headdress of the ancient high priest, bearing on the front a gold plate engraved with the words Holiness to the Lord. Ex. 28:36–38.

acrosTic: acrostic using the same word; repeated. Possibly my own invention…

Disappearing Ink…

Disappearing Ink…

Moons – mystifying millions of them
As many as the stars…with unseen rabbits or smiling faces –
Yawning with dawn – they disappear… as misread words…fade off a page


May’s full moon names are Flower or Budding moon according to:
This is link provides one of the images of the Rabbit which can be seen on the moon:



Morning, the weekend of the unofficial start –
A holiday to remember more than just picnics; all those
Yesterdays spent in uniforms to protect ideals and freedoms…



(In the U.S. Memorial Day will be officially celebrated Monday –
The unofficial start of summer, recognition of service,family, friends
and food.)