Honoring 28

We most often are the last to give ourselves
any credit….this haiku is for me.

look in the mirror
with honesty and respect
time to hug oneself

(c) JP/davh


Honoring 26

Honoring my father with this renga,
who worked too hard and left too soon,
because he would rather take care of
others than himself.


the other half, the
gent, often the unknown man
working too hard, gone

off to earn the castle kept
the ones for protecting dreams

many addresses
all of them home – finally
your empty nest…rest

(c) JP/davh

Honoring 24


Across the Pond

when we explore
the vast unknown
sometimes it is just a name
that draws us closer
it tickles our fancy

we tiptoe quietly
not knowing what to expect
and are drawn in
by interesting characters –
who could resist Mr. Fluffy?

whose claim to fame is
‘nobody is reading me’
which is quite inaccurate
since he’s got a fan base
of over one hundred

I was hog-tied by humor,
honest reflection and
factoids that while
seemingly useless could
in fact save your life!

“live long and phosphorus”
shine on and glow…
“may the farce be with you”
as only you can tell tall tales
and know “I’ll be baaack!”


ahead ‘make
my day’, everyday
Miss. B, Leroy, Charlie –

(c) JP/davh

Honoring 23



Sing with your whole heart
Laugh at and with the day
Well maybe not every single day
Because there is wash to be done,
Babies to feed, songs to write

Sing with the sound of laughter
The joy in conversation and response
From tickling funny bones,
To virtual pizza, pets and pie –
Coffee, tea or lemonaide

Sing with anticipation, expecting
Excellence in success –
Recording and sharing dreams
Because when shared problems
Are divided and solved

Sing for the fans who have heard every word
Of every verse you’ve sung and too for those
From all over the globe who are waiting to enter
Your private theatre – to hear you perform
Under a bright spot light, so they too can applaud

Sing with a clear and unwavering voice
About sharing chocolate under the moon –
Anniversaries, birthdays and maybe a heart break
Or two, because all are apart of us sharing
Our daily lives even if it’s not every day…

hostess brings
joyful noise – music
in the form of

(c) JP/davh

Honoring 22


Sporting Kitchen or
+ il concoctera avec des amis

I like words that you can play with
And really you can just about play with them all
Like ‘Dishing’ and ‘Serving’ could pertain to food
But also to ‘talk’ and ‘swatting’ a tennis ball

Variety is truly the ‘Spice’ of life
So I like to wander the ‘net’ and play
As I visit and make the rounds of writers
Those who share different passions, have plenty to say

I like words that are delightful treats
They make you want to take a bite and savor
Their simple, yet complex letters that are layered
In between delicious photos helping to describe their flavor


the letters
words and sentences
come join the table


*Origin: 1250–1300; Middle English s ( o ) upen < Old French souper to take supper < Germanic; compare Old English sūpan to swallow, taste, sip.
+ French for ‘dishing it out with friends’
(c) JP/davh